Karthik V. Sarma PhD


I am co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at SimX, and a computational medical scientist at the UCLA Computational Diagnostics group. Previously, I was a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association and the California Medical Association.

At SimX, I am Principal Investigator of the Virtual Advancement of Learning for Operational Readiness (VALOR) program, a Federally funded collaboration between industry, academia, and the US Government to develop, evaluate and sustain the next generation of medical simulation training across the spectrum of care.

At UCLA, my research focuses on the development of novel artificial intelligence techniques for medical applications, with a focus on methods for extracting, transforming, and learning using data extracted from clinical systems.

I received my PhD in Bioengineering (Medical Imaging and Informatics) from UCLA, and my BS (Hons) in Computer Science from the California Institute of Technology. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA and am a native of Chicago, IL.

selected publications

  1. Conf
    XR Medical Simulation Training for the Future of Warfare: The Virtual Advancement of Learning for Operational Readiness (VALOR) Program
    Sarma, Karthik V., Barrie, Michael, Dorsch, John R., Weiss, Talia L., Polson, Jennifer S., and Ribeira, Ryan J.
    In International Training Technology Exhibition and Conference (IT2EC) 2022
    Winner, Best Paper, IT2EC 2022
  2. Abs
    Enabling Flexible Medical Simulation Training for Emergency Medical Services using Virtual Reality
    Sarma, Karthik V, Polson, Jennifer S., Young, Brian, Barrie, Michael, Andre, Tyler, and Ribeira, Ryan
    In Annual Meeting of the Society for Simulation in Europe 2022
    Finalist, Best Short Communication, SESAM 2022
  3. Paper
    Federated learning improves site performance in multicenter deep learning without data sharing
    Sarma, Karthik V, Harmon, Stephanie, Sanford, Thomas, Roth, Holger R, Xu, Ziyue, Tetreault, Jesse, Xu, Daguang, Flores, Mona G, Raman, Alex G, Kulkarni, Rushikesh, Wood, Bradford J, Choyke, Peter L, Priester, Alan M, Marks, Leonard S, Raman, Steven S, Enzmann, Dieter, Turkbey, Baris, Speier, William, and Arnold, Corey W
    Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association Feb 2021
  4. Paper
    Optimizing Spatial Biopsy Sampling for the Detection of Prostate Cancer
    Raman, Alex G*,  Sarma, Karthik V*, Raman, Steven S., Priester, Alan M., Mirak, Sohrab Afshari, Riskin-Jones, Hannah H., Dhinagar, Nikhil, Speier, William, Felker, Ely, Sisk, Anthony E., Lu, David, Kinnaird, Adam, Reiter, Robert E., Marks, Leonard S., and Arnold, Corey W.
    Journal of Urology Apr 2021
  5. Paper
    Harnessing clinical annotations to improve deep learning performance in prostate segmentation
    Sarma, Karthik V., Raman, Alex G., Dhinagar, Nikhil J., Priester, Alan M., Harmon, Stephanie, Sanford, Thomas, Mehralivand, Sherif, Turkbey, Baris, Marks, Leonard S., Raman, Steven S., Speier, William, and Arnold, Corey W.
    PLOS ONE Jun 2021
  6. Abs
    Data-Distributed Deep Learning using Federated Learning: A Case Study
    Sarma, Karthik V., Harmon, Stephanie A., Sanford, Thomas H., Roth, Holger R, Flores, Mona G, Kulkarni, Rushikesh, Wood, Bradford J., Choyke, Peter L., Raman, Steven S., Enzmann, Dieter R., Turkbey, Baris, Speier, William, and Arnold, Corey W
    In Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America Jun 2020
    Winner, 2020 RSNA Trainee Research Award in Medical Informatics